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'Electronic Station Sheet'


These pages allow to browse the metadata and data of the MOOSE cruises and other cruises that use this service. During a cruise, the server usually runs on a server on board and is used to fill the electronic station sheet for the CTD, Niskin bottles, to send the NRT data to Coriolis, etc. The server on board is synchronized in real time with the web accessible master server on land.

Tutorials :

Help boxes are available for most items. They pop when flying over the items in blue. Being logged, it is possible to download the results of your query into an excel or csv file for further processing. It is also possible to access the Seabird files and the results of the Niskin bottle analysis. And you can upload your own delayed mode files as well or add any useful information file.
  • To browse or to download metadata/data or to edit an electronic station sheet, click here.
  • To use the server during a cruise, click here.
  • You are providing data from Niskin bottle analysis or other delayed mode files, click here.

  >>> Warning: the authentication method has changed. The server now uses the dokuwiki authentication.
If you already have an userid with the old system, ask the activation of your new account to the webmaster, otherwise register here. <<<

>>> Download of Seabird files is done in a temporary ftp repository. In the 'Seabird/Ladcp' chooser, select the seabird file extension (cnv, btl, ...) and you will receive an email with the URL for downloading the files. <<<


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