Marine Training during MOOSE-GE cruises

WAPE/OACOS 'Observation et Expérimentation' course

The master WAPE/OACOS 'Observation et Expérimentation' course takes place on land and on board during the MOOSE-GE cruises. This practical work is evaluated by oral presentations and posters made by the students.

Masters SU / IPP : OE Course Practical work program

Teaching on board for batchelor and graduate students

Some students from batchelor (L3) and master (M1) levels can also participate to MOOSE-GE cruises. It is for them a way to discover the scientific activity at sea and a opportunity to increase their experimental skills as 'wet feet' oceanographers … This possibility will be also open soon to foreign students thanks to the POGO Ocean Training Partnership. Read more.

MOOSE-GE seminars on board

Daily seminars are given during the cruises on a wide range of topics related to Ocean monitoring and to the scientific background of the measurements collected during MOOSE-GE.

MOOSE-GE 2019 seminars (07/06/2019-02/07/2019)

MOOSE-GE 2018 seminars (13/05/2018-07/06/2018)

MOOSE-GE 2017 seminars (30/09/2017-24/09/2017)

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