Teaching on board for batchelor and graduate students

During this training on board, students will :

  • discover the sciences of the sea through experience and acquire a first multidisciplinary understanding of oceanic phenomena, in physics, biogeochemistry and biology,
  • to discover the methods of observation and data analysis as well as the operation of major ocean observing programs,
  • and gain first-hand experience, or deepen your experience, by participating in the various experiments conducted on board by MOOSE researchers.

The program on board for batchelor and and master degree (M1) students is the following :

  • participation to the scientific shifts of the MOOSE “Grande Echelle” campaign, in particular the CTD shilf which include the data acquisition and the water sampling at the “rosette”,
  • attendance to the seminars given by the researchers and engineers who lead the cruise,
  • working on a mini-project which is presented by a poster at the end of the cruise. Subjcts of these mini-projects should use the data collected during MOOSE-GE cruises, including the current one.

To apply: before February 29th, send a CV and a letter of motivation to moose@medship.org

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