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Sustained hydrological surveys are carried out within programs at global scale (GO-SHIP), regional scale (Med-SHIP, …) or national scale (MOOSE-GE, RADMED, …). Reference documents.

This site provides assistance for the hydrological cruises carried out in these programs. The e-Station Sheet functionality provides a metadata interface useful from the planning of such cruises and for supporting the PIs during and after the cruises. The standardized processing of the (meta)data goes from the planning to the delivery of the delayed mode data to DACs and GDACs.

The MOOSE network uses this server for its sustained hydrological program MOOSE-GE in the North-West Mediterannean basin. More information is available on MOOSE-GE Cruises

The starting SOMBA Algerian Ocean Observing network which conducts the SOMBA-GE large scale survey also uses this server. More information is available on SOMBA.

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